Everything you need for newborn circumcision care and diaper rash

The new standard of care

We help newborns with circumcision after-care as well as diaper rash, to achieve a more convenient healing process. Unlike messy and unassembled products our solution is a pre-constructed bandage that combines premium white petroleum jelly and a non-woven foam gauze that won’t pull apart or stick to the wound. This makes changing the bandage easier for you and less painful for your child.

Our Mission

To nurture the healing process, specifically for newborns and babies, so that there’s less mess and less stress.

Less Mess, Less Stress

I hope this new product helps you as much as I know it would have helped me!

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Circumcision Care Bandages

Focus on Healing

The New Standard of Care

The convenience of our product allows you to focus on your baby’s healing process. Circumcision after-care is something no one talks about, with all of the baby items out there today its hard to believe this has not been thought of before. Our pre-assembled, lubricated, non-woven gauze bandage creates a moist healing environment for your child’s circumcision wound. The non-woven gauze, thick padded construction, and premium white petroleum jelly work together to ease the stress, pain, and mess when changing the bandage. The bandage is ready to apply right out of the package so you and your baby can rest.

This is one helpful product!

Rest easy knowing your baby’s circumcision wound is getting the best and most comfortable treatment.  Late night bandage changes will have less stress and mess allowing you and baby to get back to sleep.

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Circumcision Care Bandage